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drag king by DaDemonicArtist drag king :icondademonicartist:DaDemonicArtist 0 0
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lion-humaniod by DaDemonicArtist lion-humaniod :icondademonicartist:DaDemonicArtist 1 0
An Ode To Cigarettes
I am
longing for
some cigarettes.
I miss,
soothed nerves,
settled stomach,
raw throat,
burning lungs,
ashen mouth,
stress relief,
and the
smoke rings.
Ah yes,
particularly those
it seems.
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Da Brithday by DaDemonicArtist Da Brithday :icondademonicartist:DaDemonicArtist 1 0 circles 7-19-16 1:00 am by DaDemonicArtist circles 7-19-16 1:00 am :icondademonicartist:DaDemonicArtist 0 0
I'm Just Not Your One
I want to put to words how I feel about me and you,
at least that's what I’m going to try to do
You do everything essentially right
It has given me cause to fright
You whisper the sweetest remarks
I should really be feeling sparks
I tell you worries and concerns
My stomach steadily churns
Romance may no longer develop
I refuse to get your hopes up
I can't spend with you all day
Because you suck my energy away
You listen without processing
Your doom this will bring
I know this is all about compromise
But this will still end up in goodbyes
You'd be amazed how much I learn from a kiss
It's easy to do when you're lost in bliss
I know what you desire
But it'll only end in fire
I feel like such a tease
Cause I can taste your bitter insecurities
There's nothing different you could have done
I'm just not your one...
:icondademonicartist:DaDemonicArtist 2 0
pride outfit 2 by DaDemonicArtist pride outfit 2 :icondademonicartist:DaDemonicArtist 1 3 pride outfit 1 by DaDemonicArtist pride outfit 1 :icondademonicartist:DaDemonicArtist 1 0
I accepted because I wanted
to have fun and feel normal
Not because I was interested
The times were good
but I worry that
I broke his heart
driven by a need to
satisfy a curiosity
prove something about myself
few seemed to believe
I do not regret the sensation,
but the lack of real emotion.
He was perma-stoned
and I was perma-alone.
After exchanging those words
I'm not sure who ran away.
I do not regret him,
but missing the chance of him.
I'll skip the saucy details
It could have been worse
It could have been better
I regret the reasoning
I was driven by loneliness
and needing to prove something
Significant Other,
He does everything right
I couldn't ask for better
But I already know how this ends
and it'll be by my hand
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Mature content
SEX :icondademonicartist:DaDemonicArtist 0 0


That's Not My Name
Hi my name's insolent, I'm the kid that won't listen to authority and makes animal noises while scribbling artwork outside of the lines in the colouring book
Hi my name's defiant and I correct adults and their information, sometimes I shriek or bang my head against a wall, mostly I ask questions that annoy or offend you
Hi my name's weirdo, my hobbies are not playing correctly with the other children and infodumping on unsuspecting bystanders about bacteria and diseases
Hi my name's retarded, I'm the laughter and whispers and stares, coupled with "You're too sensitive" and a dash of "These dang PC police are ruining everything"
Hi my name's victim and none of your bullying campaigns ever talk about me, I'm bruises and panic attacks and unexplained torn skin, I'm ignored because I make you uncomfortable
Hi my name's diseased, my whole personality is a defect and you want to cure (eradicate) it for my own good
Hi my name's homewrecker, don't you know apparently I cause marriages to fail
:icongraegirl:graegirl 3 2
Mature content
treatise on sex as self-harm :icontoxic-nebulae:toxic-nebulae 92 48
Yes, I Exist: Get Over It Stamps Masterlist
Hi! I'm Zoola, the creator of the "Yes, I exist. Get over it" stamps. I didn't actually expect these to become that popular (which they aren't, really,) but enough people know about them that I've gotten several requests since I made the first six. For the sake of myself and others who use or enjoy these stamps, I'm making a masterlist of all the ones I've done already. Request yours through my commission widget if you don't see it here!
And now for some pretty overdue credits:
-For the first six stamps, I can't remember where I got the images, other than Google. Sorry :( it was over two years ago, my memory ain't that good.
-For the stamps made in late 2015 and early 2016, I used images from pride-flags-for-us, a tumblr account dedicated to making flags for different identities.
-For all of my most recent stamps, I used images from the very extensive, informative and useful gallery of Pride-Flags.
-As far as the actual template goes, I believe it was
:icondanksforthememeries:DanksForTheMemeries 8 0
Mature content
Reasons why I can't sleep with you. :iconmypoeticreality:MyPoeticReality 4 5
beLIEve... by NanoMortis beLIEve... :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 3,456 60
I remember as a small child, I was terrified of fireworks
This wasn't all that hard to explain, they were loud, explosions people set off intentionally to celebrate a holiday or event
I wasn't just scared of the noise, I was scared of the beautiful coloured sparks falling on me and setting my body aflame
No matter what my parents said, my fear couldn't be swayed by the logic of those older than me
It turns out, I just needed time to grow, when I was a slightly older child, I found that I wasn't afraid anymore
The first thing I associate with fireworks is the fourth of July
Now, this was a day every child, at least in the United States, is familiar with
From a tender age, we are taught that this is a sacred and special day, a day of sacrifice and independence, a day to celebrate the great wholesome nation that is the USA
We are taught that the military and those in it are glorious, almost mystical heroes, meant to be idolized as fictional citizens idolize their superheroes
We are taught
:icongraegirl:graegirl 1 1
Bad comparison bear by Bear-hybrid Bad comparison bear :iconbear-hybrid:Bear-hybrid 212 55
To the Society that's Raising my Little Sister
You tell me that she's not like me, she won't be like me
You tell me that I'm exceptional, intelligent, ahead of the curve
You tell her to do her homework, study more, focus, sit still, stop talking
You put her down while dumping buckets of water on my roots, all of you want me in your corner, you fight like boxers over where I'll go when I'm of age
You deem her a secondary asset, an afterthought
From the time I was 12 you've cut off limbs and branches, you poured pesticides across her budding blooms, you said "She won't be like you"
Because apparently just because I knew how to play your game and happened to be good at the things you needed, creating forests and planting exotic new blooms, just because I can do things that YOU can't, you dismiss her as unimportant, or worse, average?
You all dismissed my sister because she wasn't useful, she didn't build you greenhouses she made treehouses for fun, terrariums and flowers grew with her care and patience
She grew gardens and roses, scul
:icongraegirl:graegirl 2 1
God's sin by TheGirlOfTomorrow God's sin :iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 37 14
Come Lord Jesus, Come
Come Lord Jesus, Come
I’m free from the devil and from my past,
But unless I accept it, this freedom won’t last,
And I’ll feel the return of these bindings and chains,
As I wonder why freedom’s escaped me again.
I hear all the stories, the verses and words,
But am I really listening, or are they just things that I’ve heard?
Unless my heard turns away from its unresponsive stone,
I’ll continually wonder why I’m always alone.
I’ll wonder the who’s, where’s, what’s and why’s,
Unmoved in demeanour, no tears in my eyes,
With a heart full of granite, no wailings or cries –
And You’ll just be someone far away in the skies.
If I’m free from my shackles, free from what binds,
Why can’t I feel it? Why do I find
That love has escaped me, and freedom’s not near?
I’m supposed to be free…but I’m shackled by fear.
Free from my numbness, from past, pain and panic
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 4 2
Dear Vomit Journal,
I hate my body.
And no, it's not because I'm transgender,
It's not because I'm too white
Or too short or too skinny.
I hate my body because there have been people in my life
Who decided they loved it so much that they
Were more entitled to using it for their satisfaction
Than I was entitled to telling them to stop.
I hate relationships.
And no, it's not because I can't commit,
And no, I've never been cheated on before.
I hate relationships because I know eventually
My partner will want something out of me
That I can't even think about giving them.
I hate relationships because I dated a guy once
Who decided that because we were dating, he didn't need my permission.
I hate relationships because my first love wanted naughty pictures
Right before breaking my heart.
I hate being touched.
Yes, I have trust issues,
And so would you if your best friend decided you were better off for sex
Than you were being there for them.
So would you if strangers tried touching you,
So would you if your frie
:iconmypoeticreality:MyPoeticReality 4 6
Why do you Write/Paint?
Art and writing are seen as creative and sensitive pursuits, which I understood
That's why I felt like I never really belonged even in these most open and varying of niches
I'm not sensitive, or creative, not in the way people expect
What I am is a liar, a craftsman of surplus and arbitrary material
This isn't like other artists' and writers' feelings of inadequacy, a case of imposter syndrome
It's true, and it's been like that since I started writing
Take my letter that you will never read, no matter how proud I was of it
My sketchbook, that you will inevitably open, to find the one sketch I did that made me ashamed not because of lack of technique, but because of where it came from
Houses I tried to build, to shelter, to impress
They were meant to be easy to understand, without questions
They were supposed to be beautiful
The metaphors that I tried to weave, because I wanted to be like other writers, I wanted to make people feel things
Not this straightforward, obvious prose, simulta
:icongraegirl:graegirl 2 1
Mature content
Insects :icongraegirl:graegirl 2 1
Wherever You Go ... by NanoMortis Wherever You Go ... :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 4,942 172
Mature content
A Word on Casualties :icongraegirl:graegirl 2 1


maybe i should try that whole draw something/ write something everyday thing. I'm a day behind but that means easy catch up right?
I may have to do this to someone soon if things don't change soon


DaDemonicArtist's Profile Picture
Felicity Chase
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I saw my doctor October 5th. we ended up deciding that hospitalization is what i needed. I ended up getting admitted Wednesday night and finally discharged Monday afternoon.

it was actually a super positive experience and i was able to get the supervision i required while I adjusted to new medication which I desperately needed. I'll be seeing my doctor regularly for a bit until really stabilized. the first couple days i somewhat regretted not killing myself because life and getting better seemed to be a major inconvenience. but once the meds kicked in i started getting hopeful again. i'm on an antidepressant, two mood stabilizers, and an anti-anxiety medicine.

in order to get discharged the hospital required that I have an appointment with an outside therapist. which i've already gone to and i think my sessions with him with definitely be super good for me. i'll be seeing him regularly as well.

my doctor says i should not drink for the time being and even if i return to it that in needs to be in moderation. so no more getting drunk for me i guess :/

my generally schedule is totally different now. I'm up at 7 am and asleep before midnight.

i had to set several alarms on my phone to remind me of when to take meds. which i had to bluntly tell my mom she is not allowed to bitch about.

work was super understanding and supportive through all of this. i work with great people.

overall i am doing much better and it seems that i will steadily improve.

keep on keeping on.


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